Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Glory be, I wrote a book

As most of my readers know, your humble blogger is also your humble Suppertime Sonneteer (if you don't, go check out my other blog). Suppertime Sonnets was my effort to kickstart myself into writing regularly again and has had spectacular results; most of my other projects, including this blog, have sprung from it, either directly or through invitations to collaborate on other stuff. It's been amazing.

Last year at Balticon, I got to meet a lot of people who called themselves my fans, and the question everyone had for me was: when will these be a book? I hemmed and hawed and finally said, uh, soon?

That was over a year ago. Stuff happens, you know?

At any rate, I'm pleased to announce that I now have an ebook collection of the better, prettier, weirder or more interesting of those 1000+ poems as chosen by a small group of my readers and myself. A print version is in the works but designing and preparing a paperback is a bit more work than putting an ebook together.

You can get yourself an e-copy right now at Smashwords and soon at Amazon for a mere $1.99 American. When Barnes & Noble's website lets me finish registering, it will be available for now, but know that ePub (the format Barnes & Noble's Nook supports) is one of the many formats available at my Smashwords site. I'll announce the availability of the paperback as soon as it's ready to go.

As Twitter pal Michaelaneous, aka OminousOat pointed out to me, I'm currently outselling Charles Bukowski in the busy and competitive category of 20th Century American Poetry Collections For Kindle. When I looked to see for myself, I found that I'm also outselling a collection by Bob Dylan. This amuses me to no end. Thus will Wednesday, June 29, 2011 live long in my memory as the day I outsold some geniuses. Tee and also hee.

And no, this won't be my last book!


  1. Awesome K8. Thanks so much for making these available to us in this format! I know I'm looking forward to more from you in the (near) future. :(


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