Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Podcasting Zelig: You thought I was kidding?

On a lot of my online profiles I refer to myself as a "podcast crasher." I've allowed my own podcast to fade because it's a lot of work and I've got no local help, but I still get a kick out of doing stuff on other people's podcasts.

Above is my latest appearance, in the triumphant return of "Calls for Cthulhu", the Great Old One's call-in talk show. I asked a very provocative question -- so provocative that Cthulhu, in his terrible rage, admitted that he is responsible for the film version of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

If this is your first time seeing this great little show, check out the rest at the creator's YouTube channel.

Other 'casts I have crashed include...

Orange Alert - reading an awesome story by Jeremy C. Shipp

Several appearances on Shadowcast Audio, a horror anthology podcast - reading stories by Shipp and other authors.

I've also had bit parts in a few podcast novels over at, including that of a distraught mother who needs the heroine's help in Starla Hutchins' lovely fantasy novel The Dreamer's Thread.

And of course there is my own podcast, now mostly defunct, but it may soon revive in a weird form late in the year. See if it doesn't.

I love doing story narration and voice-overs and am always happy to help. If you need me, find me on Twitter.

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