Monday, September 26, 2011


Your Humble Blogger is very pleased to announce that as of today, the paperback edition of Suppertime Sonnets, a curated selection of poems from my other blog, is now available from Amazon!

Just look at that cover! The work of cover art maestro Viktor Farro under the auspices of Aaron Nathaniel Ommus, who took on the task of turning my iambic ramblings into a handsome little book. The groovy Elizabethan cartoon by M.R. Neno that serves as the cover for the ebook edition appears in the paperback as the title page.

I'm proud as hell of this thing and happy to offer it to those of you who have been nagging me, some of your for years, about how that project really needed to be a book.

Now, onward to the next project, a little thing some of you already know about called Omi & Lulu: The Siren Sea. Moar poesy! This time for kids.

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