Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just For (A Whole Lot Of) Fun...

My good friend Jennifer Williams, aka Senny Dreadful, and I have recently been treating ourselves to a sort of pulp fantasy renaissance. I, for one, am enjoying every exemplar of Conan the Cimmerian (filmic, prose and comic) I can lay hands on. And Jennifer, Jennifer has even written some brand new classic style pulp fantasy and put it up for sale for your ebook reading pleasure (go get it. GO! I'll wait).

Which got us thinking. Surely we're not the only ones with a weakness for this stuff. And wouldn't it be fun to team up and make more of it (NEW PULP FANTASY FOR A NEW CENTURY!) and celebrate this new stuff's fantastic forbears.

And thus our new team blog, Shouty Men in Shiny Armour, was born. It's still brand new, but we've added a few posts and people seem to like the idea. And Jennifer and I are nothing if not enthusiastic blog posters and shillers of other people's cool stuff, but that blog will be so much cooler if more people are contributing.

So, if you have some pulp fantasy fiction, poetry, art or music without a home, consider making our blog that home. Or if our efforts inspire you to make some from scratch, come on and share it! We could especially use a logo and stuff. We really, really could. See, Jennifer is a pretty talented artist, but she insists that the two things she draws the least well are men and swords. I, on the other hand, can really only draw insects. So you see our problem.

Anyway, if you want to join the blog as a regular contributor, or just hit us with a one-off, get in touch with me here or send a tweet to Jenny or me and let's get SHOUTY!

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