Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sitrep [FGC #5]

The transmission was a surprise, its message, once decrypted, both hopeful and dismaying. "We made it but we had to fry the robots. Sorry!!"

This week's Form and Genre Challenge category is "Twitfic," in which the writer is challenged to write an entire story in exactly 140 characters. And yes, this is a sequel of sorts to last week's entry "Settlers' Woes" but I like to think it stands on its own.


  1. Great one, my favourite of all the ones posted so far! I like the way you've actually made a build-up in 140 characters, and made very nice use of the limitations.

  2. Hahahaha! I love that you did it as a sequel to last week's. It's a great follow up.

  3. I haven't read "Settlers' Woes" but after reading this I think I shall. It intrigues me and has a great pay off.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  4. love it! so many stories can explode from this one..

    Great to see you here - I've entered this fun challenge too..

  5. Amazing that this short piece can be the perfect follow up to last week's story.

  6. Oh that's awesome! AND we know that your characters survived, which is also wonderful.

    I have to agree with M. Johnson above - this works so well because you do, in fact, build to a conclusion. In so few characters! Well done.

    Barbara @ de rebus

  7. The story does stand on its own -- splendidly!


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