Saturday, April 21, 2012

FGC #11 - What Dreams Have Come

I lie down, and I close my eyes, and breathe
And wait until my world is passing strange,
Wait for the thoughts and worries that do seethe
Beneath my surfaces to rise and change
To images, bizarre, and odd events
That utterly absorb me, till I wake
Bewildered and beset by discontents
And absences -- for you were there. I'll take
'Most any chance I get to share things thus,
To hold you in my arms while I'm asleep,
And smiling, making lovely plans for us
Is why, if I could choose, I'd gladly keep
On dozing, though my life were passing by,
Preferring what is seen with my third eye.


  1. Why, thank you! Surprise, surprise, most of this came to me on waking up from a nice dream...

  2. Awesome as usual, Kate. To me it feels like it has a sci-fi bent to it. Not sure that was your intent, but I like it. I can see this as the inspiration to a pretty kick ass story.

  3. the flow is so effortless. I am so envious of the way you have captured this dreamlike state with such clarity. I've played along as well..(badly)


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