Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Middle Earth Read-Along: You Can Do It, Too!

My wonderful, wacky friend EssJay, aka Popqueenie, the blogger behind Snobbery, has come up with a beautiful humdinger of an idea.

As my readers know, I spent a good chunk of last spring and summer in Westeros; in that spirit (and since I'm comfortably ahead on my 100 Books in 2012 progress) this year I'm joining EssJay and many of our friends in spending a good chunk of this summer back in good old Middle Earth. We're having a Hobbit/Lord of the Rings Read-Along.

Join us!

Here's the schedule she has kindly cobbled together for us. This will be my I've-lost-counth time reading this, so I don't know how much I'll have to say on each section, but I do like to talk about stuff, so who knows:

The Hobbit
 June 23 – June 27 Chapters 1-5
 June 27 – June 30 Chapters 6-12
 June 30 – July 4/5 Chapters 13-19

 Fellowship of the Ring
 July 4/5 – July 7 Chapters 1-6 of Book One
 July 7 – July 11 Chapters 7-12 of Book One
 July 11 – July 14 Chapters 1-5 of Book Two
 July 14 – July 18 Chapters 6-10 of Book Two

 Two Towers
 July 18 – July 21 Chapters 1-5 of Book Three
 July 21 – July 25 Chapters 6-11 of Book Three
 July 25 – July 28 Chapters 1-5 of Book Four
 July 28 – August 1 Chapters 6-10 of Book Four

 Return of the King
 August 1 – August 4 Chapters 1-5 of Book Five
 August 4 – August 8 Chapters 5-10 of Book Five
 August 8 – August 11 Chapters 1-4 of Book Six
 August 11 – August 15 Chapters 5-9 of Book Six

We're especially curious to have participation from people who have never read these before! To participate, grab the icons she provided here and post on your own blog, or comment on her entries or mine as we go!

Party like Hobbits, people!


  1. Sounds like some nerdilicious fun! :)

  2. Join us, James! We're also working on a set of Friday Google Plus hangouts to watch the movies together and consume potent potables. It comes in pints!

  3. I've been planning to reread Tolkien for some time. I'm going to try imagining the characters without picturing their movie incarnations, just to see if I have the willpower for it!

    Great eclectic blog, by the way.

  4. That sounds like a great challenge, Lee! Since EssJay and James and I (and whoever else wants to join us) are watching the movies together via Google Hangout on Fridays, that would be extra double hard.

    Actually, I still picture the Rankin-Bass cartoons more than the films when I re-read. Wonder if that will still be true?


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