Monday, December 7, 2015

Doctor, Doctor

I've had a wild hair to make 2016 my year of reading a crap-load of Doctor Who prose fiction (those who follow me on GoodReads know I've been bingeing on Big Finish Audio plays this year already, so, big surprise). To date, I've only read two: Harvest of Time (by my favorite space opera maestro, Alastair Reynolds), and Gareth Roberts' Only Human. I loved them both, for different reasons. I'm curious and hungry for more.

Also, just for silliness, I'm  going to track how my Doctor Rankings change over time. Last time I shared them, it went: Ninth, Third, Eleventh, Sixth, Fourth, First, Eighth, Seventh, Second, Tenth, Fifth. Since then we've had two seasons (one pretty ok and one jaw droppingly wonderful) with a new Doctor, the Twelfth-or-Thirteenth (depending on how we count the War Doctor, oh and then there's that stupid half-regeneration that Ten did, and...), played to crotchety Scottish punk perfection by Peter Capaldi, and I've been bingeing on early and mid-range Big Finish, which dramas have made Sixie into the wonderful Doctor he always should have been, and so as of today my current rankings are:


Yes, a few Big Finish stories have made me like the Fifth Doctor better than I did from his TV run (tainted by JNT and the horror that was the 80s). But things can change, there at the bottom. New audio plays featuring Ten and my favorite TV companion*, Donna Noble, are coming soon, and my Donna love could conquer my Ten hate. So we'll see!

BY THE WAY, I have a dumb idea about podcasting this, but only if MY WhoHos get involved. They know who they are. Trowels up, kiddies.

*She was my favorite companion, full stop, until I encountered that sublime chocoholic, Evelyn Smythe, in Big Finish's Sixth Doctor stories. And no, I haven't encountered Bernice yet. So all is in flux. But Evelyn, Evelyn is my GIRL.

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