Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Diversification -- or possibly disappearing up my very own...

As many of you know, I am a big comics reader, or was before a double bout of tennis and golfer's elbow (double bout as in both arms) laid me low and left me severely restricted in non-job-related activities requiring fine-motor coordination. Turning pages in physical books, or comic books, became a fairly painful proposition, and I had to spare what elbow-grease I had in me for earning my living (yeah, computers).

That was last fall.

But did I stop buying comics? Oh, no. I did cut back severely and I stopped letting those filthy pushers at my Friendly Local Comics Shop, Heroes Only tempt me with the dreaded Preview guide every month, but there were some titles I just could not bear to stop. I'd get to them eventually, right?

Many months have gone by since then, and my arms are as better as they are going to get. I have braces, a nutrition/supplement/exercise regime that is pretty much staving off further damage (Dragon Naturally Speaking plays a big part, there. Not having to type at home is quite a boon. If you're of the kind of age that politely gets suffixed with -ish and you have had a career that's mostly involved computer work, you might consider giving your elbows and wrists a break yourself, before you run into the situation that I did. And yes, I was very attentive to ergonomics. It happened anyway), and prescriptions for gabapentin and lidocaine patches to hold the pain at bay.

I also have more than two shortboxes crammed full of unread comics. And a handful of Twitter followers who tell me they miss the good old days, when once a week I would go through a huge pile of comics and live-tweet my way through them with the hashtag #SundayComics.

I made noises about resuming that now that I'm more or less better, but twinges in the old hinge joints are happening again that make me hesitate to take that on again. So here's my compromise. That I might regret, but anyway...

Once a day, I will read one comic from the giant to-be-read stash, and I will describe/review it in sonnet form. And rather than clutter up this feed or the Suppertime Sonnets feed, I'll post the results on a brand new blog:

Ladies and gentlemen and other allegedly sentient beings, I give you: Comics Time Sonnets. There is, as of today, one entry. Tomorrow there will be other. I make no firm promises that I'll manage to post there every single day; gone are the days when I'll freak the hell out on vacation and make the people I'm with drop everything and help me find a wi-fi signal just so I can post. But most days, I will.

Enjoy! Or something.


  1. Wow! Bookmarked. Hope you do a Dan Didio sonnet one of these days.

    1. Oh yikes. That would involve me actually having to read some of that wretched New 52 or something, wouldn't it? Maybe if I ever get through this backlog of awesome comics, I'll get desperate enough to, but I have a lot of awesome comics to get through. A lot.


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