Thursday, August 2, 2012

Your New Favorite Webcomic: Ryan Fox and Doug Groves' THE PRACTICAL DEAD

Today is launch day for a new webcomic by two good friends of mine in Toronto, Ryan Fox and Doug Groves, with whom it is great fun to drink way too much Guinness and come up with off-the-wall, high-concept story ideas and laugh yourself sick, as I personally can attest.

The Practical Dead projects their own personalities, more or less, into a world in which the Zombie Apocalypse is actually happening and these two rather entrepreneurial slackers (it's not a contradiction in terms, really) find a way to make a buck or two amid the chaos.

Groves and Fox are doing this -- and another comic which Groves, Paul Laroquod and I cooked up over Guinness the first time we ever hung out, which I am currently scripting for Fox and Groves to illustrate that will debut soon -- old school, with Fox on pencils and Groves on inks. Real pencils, real paper, real inks. They both work in digital content so it's a fun break for them to kick it analog.

Go read the first three pages, up today, then bookmark the page, subscribe to the RSS feed, or follow The Practical Dead on Twitter. Fox is on there as @RyanFox_AD and Groves is @Dougplanet (and I'm @KateSherrod if you didn't already know that). You'll want to be able to put on your hipster glasses and tell people you knew them/us first.

Now, I've got to get back to scripting a certain other, even sillier, series. Watch this space for details on that, chickadees.

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